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One Call Concepts® has been hard at work conducting a major upgrade of our iconic ITIC® Internet ticket entry system. We’ve built on the success of previous versions, incorporated user feedback, and integrated the latest technology into ITIC: NextGen. NextGen will change the way you think about damage prevention.


Previous web ticket entry systems have taken the approach of building the locate request from user-entered text information, saving the vital step of mapping the worksite (and thus determining the notified utilities) for last. ITIC: NextGen® reverses this approach, allowing the user to map the entire worksite out in a visually driven, fully interactive interface.


NextGen includes several new mapping tools and offers the user an unparalleled level of precision and flexibility to define their excavation area. With NextGen’s user-friendly interface, users will be able to create routes with custom widths, circles with varying radii, and select parcels based on parcel data. If none of these tools fit the worksite, the traditional method of drawing a free-hand polygon will still be available. Users will be able to select multiple work areas on the map, with any combination of available polygon types.



When the user has mapped the extent of their worksite, NextGen will split the work areas up into as many tickets as necessary, based on the established rules of the center. NextGen will also automatically generate the worksite description(s) based on how the worksite has been mapped. This expedites the process of filing any locate request from the largest and most complex to the smallest and simplest.

ITIC: NextGen® is designed with both the excavator and facility operator in mind. It streamlines many of the tasks required to file tickets online. NextGen provides precise control and maximum flexibility over the mapping process. This new approach saves the user time and effort and improves ticket quality.

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NextGen offers updated advice on how to proceed, whether at the beginning, middle, or end of the process. Look for this box at the top of the screen. The text will continually refresh as you work through your session.


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Four-Button Help Center


ISITE Home (Button) - Clicking this button will abandon your session and return you to the iSite Main Menu.


Help (Button) - Will display a page with links to training materials.


Admin (Button) - Clicking this button will allow the user to edit caller or profile information.


Chat (Button) - Clicking this button will connect you with the Live Help Chat function. Live Help Chat is only available during normal business hours.


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Hovering the cursor over different NextGen features will display helpful information.


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